Network Outage *** Fibre Service and Internet Restored


Internet services restored at 12.30 pm19/02/2023 . Chorus recommend being considerate with usage and to expect possible short interruptions as the system may still be unstable.


We have been told that the fibre to the north of Gisborne has been repaired and is back in service. Connectivity to internet service providers should be back up during the day and Internet will then be available to most Gisborne Net customers


Services to Wairoa and district restored at 7.00 pm. Limited availability still applies.


Services to Wairoa and surrounding district are out due to a power outage in the region. We expect to have Wairoa back on line this afternoon.


Most internet services are impacted but messaging services are available.

Limited services are now available to Gisborne Net customers. You should be able to use Wifi calling from most mobile phones. You should also be able to use Whatsapp and Messenger.

Please try to limit use to messaging rather than voice calls where possible.

Note some users have reported that to get reliable Wifi calling on their phones, they have had to switch the phone to Flight Mode, then turn Wifi back on.

VoIP phone services (2talk) should also be available to most users.

Internet, cellphones, ATMs and eftpos systems are still largely unavailable.

Overall picture is establishing fibre data communication.

Fibre breaks north of Gisborne city

👉 Bridge and cable lost at Hikuwai No 3 Bridge

👉 Major break between Tokomaru Bay and Te Puia Springs.

👉 2 breaks north of Te Puia at Makarika

Fibre south to Wairoa / Napier

👉 Puturino bridge is lost

👉 3 breaks south of Puturino

👉 Cable break around Tutira