Gisborne City Free Wifi Hotspots

Get 30 minutes free Wifi every day in Gisborne!

Gisborne Net, Tourism Eastland and Heart of Gisborne have been working together to set up a network of Wifi Hotspots in the city centre.  Anyone with a laptop, tablet or smartphone can access the service, as long as they are within range of one of the hotspots.

Look out for the GizziFi sticker when you’re out and about.


Each day the first 25 megabites of data are free, with the option to upgrade to 100mb over 1 day for $5, 300mb over 3 days for $10 or 600mb over 30 days for $15


How to get online

  1. Search for ‘Gizzifi Hotspot’ in your devices list of available Wifi connections and connect
  2. Go to your internet browser and you will be transferred to the GizziFi access webpage
  3. Click the ’30 mins free’ button
  4. You’re connected!


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