04.04.14: Gisborne Net supports #GigaTownGisborne



Chorus has launched a major initiative where one New Zealand town will become Gigatown and have access to one gigabit per second internet – the fastest in the southern hemisphere. On top of this, subsidised ultrafast broadband for three years and a $200,000 innovation fund for businesses that take advantage of the high speed internet.


We want to be Gigatown Gisborne.

Ultrafast broadband will benefit the community in a number of ways, providing next generation education for our children, maximising the potential of our youth, giving local business access to global markets and bringing people together. Ultimately, it will connect Gisborne to the rest of the world.

Chorus will measure the community’s activity on seven social media platforms and the town with the loudest voice will win. Points are earned by members of the community registering at www.gigatown.co.nz and then commenting and interacting on the social media platforms with #gigatowngis or #gigatowngisborne. Each #tag earns one point.


What you can do to support #GigaTownGis

  1. Go to the main web site and register at www.gigatown.co.nz – that earns us 10 points
  2. Go to our local web site at www.gigatowngis.co.nz – that covers all the information for gaining points on all the different platforms
  3. Go to our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/gigatowngis and win local prizes for commenting and sharing
  4. Go back to www.gigatown.co.nz and login and take the quiz – 5 questions only which earn another 10 points and new quizzes each month for the next five months