14.12.2018 Upsurge in Sextortion spam email

Customers are reporting emails which claim that the recipients’ computers have been infected with virus software.  Supposedly this software has sent videos of the user’s activities while viewing porn sites.  The user is instructed to send BitCoin payments or the videos will be distributed to everyone in his or her email address list.  

These emails are feeble attempts at extortion and should be ignored and deleted. 

You can read more by copying this link to your web browser:  https://blog.malwarebytes.com/101/2018/10/sextortion-emails-theyre-probably-not-watching/ 

WARNING:  Some of the mails include a link which you can click on to review the videos which have supposedly been made.  Following this link can infect the user’s computer with CryptoWare which will render all files inaccessible.  Don’t click on the link under any circumstances.

Read more here by copying this link to your web browser:  https://blog.knowbe4.com/scam-of-the-week-new-sextortion-attacks-take-a-dark-turn-and-infect-people-with-gandcrab-ransomware